BSA Troop # 72

About Us

Troop 72 was founded in 1954, and served the boys of the Parsippany Area until March 12, 2019. On March 12, 2019 Rev. Msgr. Herbert K. Tillyer signed the Scouts BSA New Unit Application for a Scouts BSA linked troop, thereby creating two Troop 72's.  This opens a new chapter in Troop 72 history, where we can now provide the same outstanding program to both boys and girls.

We have scouts from all parts of Parsippany, and beyond.  Going to school at Brooklawn MS, Central MS, Parsippany HS, Parsippany Hills HS, and other schools outside of the Parsippany public school system.

We are sponsored by Saint Peter the Apostle Church, and meet in the cafeteria at All Saints Academy. We attend Scout Sunday at Saint Peters, and our annual food drive benefits the Saint Peters food pantry.

Troop 72 participates in community service work with multiple churches and civic organizations. We welcome any requests from the community, and are always happy to help.